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Riding Vacation with Criollos in Chile

Criollos, Iberian horses, which came with the Spanish conquerors to Chile, are an own breed. They are world famous as Top – Polo Horses, because of their strong nerves, enormously skilled and therefore they walk absolutely securely in the Andes. They search the closeness to human beings, show nearly no nervousness (e.g. with thunder, riders with flashing cameras, jumping dogs and so on) and they are enormously persevering.
In Europe often “only” known as “robust” or mountain and hiking horses. Wrong thoughts – they have enormous elegance! Look at the bottom of this page and see what our Criollo stallion Solitario is able to do.

The wonderful mare Huifquenco Candelilla has been awarded two times in Chile. She won the price “First Champion of Chile” in a mare competition Rodeo. (Unfortunately in Chile exists only a very bad photo of the “queen”.)
Our “Taima” is her offspring and her father is the legendary stallion Trongol Consuegro. We got Huifquenco Taima (borne on the 28.10.1997) of Mario Cortes Bornand, which is a horse fanatic of the first water.
On his stud in Chile really noble and world famous horses have grown up. Our purebred and unique Criollos are all registered (look at the certificate).

The personal service for our guests starts with the confidence in the horses and discover personally the wild romantic Andes with our „friends“, the horses.

.Our Chilean saddles are “made by Corral Los Andes”. After years of experimentation with our saddler we came to this solution. In these years we mixed the techniques of the Chilean working saddle and the rodeo saddle. Very comfortable for the back of the horses, no tender spots, relaxed seat and a good pressure distribution. Soft, comfortable and very secure seat for the rider. Two lambskins make this trekking saddle almost a “sofa”, so both, horse and rider have together pleasure on the Andes-trails!

.How mentioned above, riders often think, that Criollos are clumsy. Silly thoughts! With the combination training of Natural Horsemanship and dressage they are enormously artistic friends, which show us first-class performances. The powerful back hand is essential, it improves their carry strength, which they need in the area for a long and secure hiking with us.

Working at close hands with our horses, we do not use force or any other common strong-arm tactics. In all situations we never use whips or spores. First come trust and love. Communication with the horses, our partners, is a primary step. Similar to us, personal and body contact, a lot of caresses and strokes are important.

We offer on request individual programs for 1 to 4 persons. A fabulous combination of Natural Horsemanship Education and a riding trip through our sunny valley.

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Our stallion „Solitario“, pure Criollean breed, who was trained without using force or other common strong-arm tactics.
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