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Riding and Guest Ranch in Northern Chile

Our farm is open for individuals and horse-enthusiasts, who would like to explore the Andes together with the horses. We only offer two rooms with double-beds, of course with private bathroom, a sunny garden, terrace and view to the Andes.

Our guesthouse is provided with solar energy, clear spring water runs through the pipes, our cultivation is absolutely organic and the air is crystal clear and clean.

Every year we have 310 sunny days and the clearest starry sky on earth (Chile has the best starry sky). You will sleep comfortable in our blankets, filled with feathers on comfortable innerspring mattresses in a dreamful silence.

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The way we keep our animals is absolutely free and we live in harmony with the animals out of conviction.

We train our horses without using force and keep Somali sheep. They follow humans and live on big green pastures. The sheep are from Africa, they don’t wear wool and have a short hair fleece.

The meat is pure, tasty and low in cholesterol and we use it for our delicious meals.

International is also the way of keeping animals, our ducks are form Portugal and our chicken are from India. Manuela is from Vienna and Clark from Berlin. As you can see, there is a multicultural mix on our lodge – farm!

.We, Manuela Paradeiser from Vienna and Clark Stede from Berlin, have over 13 years “Chile – Horses – Andes - Experience”!

Our creation in Chile:
Two of the leading horse-riding outfitters of this time, which are both operating in Chile and we have moved more than 8000 humans through the Andes. After this touched time we arrived there where every human would like to arrive: in Paradise, where we live now, Corral Los Andes on the river Rio Hurtado! Natural Horsemanship and our horses are our life. We offer enormous experience with horses, have purebred Criollos and we experienced a lot.

Manuela rode over 10 000 km in Latin America. Lead over 3000 horse tours in Chile. She trains horses since 10 years, she gives lessons and she trains our rookie horses.

Clark sailed for 9 years, rounded as first human with his aluminium yacht the whole American Continent via North-West Passage and Antarctica, has been working for more than 13 years with horses in Chile and has been on thousands of miles through the Andes with horses on trails.

In the middle of the 90s, we started a new period of our life at the most beautiful „end of the world“, in Chile. In the South of Chile, North-Patagonia, we started our new existence, the outdoor lodge Campo Aventura. There our work with horses and experience with horseback-riding tours began. Later, after 7 years the company had grown so big, that we weren’t able to distinguish between our guests and our workers anymore. The time for us had come, to say goodbye. Our life-philosophy isn’t based only on materialistic values and this is why the well-performing business and the resulting profit didn’t really attract us.

On we went to the next step of our life. We had in mind developing a hacienda-project for tourism. And this actually happened under the sunny sky of North-Chile, in the valley of the Rio Hurtado. Exactly in the year 2000, after selling Campo Aventura we founded the Hacienda los Andes in an area without infrastructure for tourists. Even before moving to North-Chile, we felt a growing urge to the Natural Horsemanship philosophy, which we from then on practised more and more. 7 years passed by rapidly and we actually felt like moving on to the next step of our life. Our affection with horses and the urge to train horses on another level with Natural Horsemanship was stronger than carry on working at the Hacienda.

And there we are: we arrived at Corral los Andes, in the middle of our personal paradise, but honestly, this is one of the most breathtaking and wonderful places in the world!

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Corral los Andes offers his guests everything a horse-friend wishes:

Natural Horsemanship training, education, riding lessons, tips for gentle horse-communication and of course individual horse-riding trips into the Andes.

Absolute nature, pure air, clear sun, 4 km river area and nothing is from the “pole” – we care for every guest individually, different to other companies, which serve groups!

Our horse experiences - that we would like to share with you!

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Manuela Paradeiser (Austria) & Clark Stede (Germany)
Lodge Los Andes, Andean Valley Rio Hurtado, Chile
Email: info@naturalhorsemanshipchile.com