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Our valley Rio Hurtado – a great location for horseback tours!
The “Little North” unknown and hardly visited – the region where we live.

Fortunately, because that’s the reason why this very beautiful and extreme Andean landscape with its wonderful people has kept its originality. On the Pacific there are small hidden villages, dolphin’s romp in the sea, sea lions roar from the rocks and endless beaches are on the blue sea. High sand dunes, like in the Sahara, shape the romantic picture of the coast.

The Pan-American Highway (Ruta 5) leads from Santiago to San Pedro/ Atacama, passing.
La Serena, which is constructed in colonial style, offers a first-class infrastructure: hotels of all price categories, internet, post office, bus station, markets and everything the heart of a traveller desires. Only about 80 km to the rural area in the east, you will find the clearest starry sky in the world.

The clean and clear air mixed with the silence of the nature, there is no industry, it is heavenly! On 310 days minimum a year the sun is shining. The summers are temperate to warm (22-30 Grad C.), no rain and in the winter time the snow-covered mountains are shining blue at temperatures between 10 to 20 degrees centigrade. To ride in the night under the starry firmament is unique. This intact world in which we live, under the Southern Cross, offers crystal clear brooks and small rivers coming from the Andes, of which you can drink.

The water of the rivers of the Andes is the mainspring for the valleys, like with us in the valley Rio Hurtado. Green gardens, fields, shaped by the yellow of the oranges, the blue flowers of the Alfalfa and deep green vineyards shape the landscape.
The landscape of the Andes is arid and reminds one of the scenery of the Wild West. Here you can be on the horse for days and meet almost nobody. And if you still meet someone, it will be riders, who ride along ancient paths through the valley with their pack-horses and herds, as they have done for centuries, in search of new pastures. A world without limits: never-ending paths, no fences, endless landscape – this is where we travel and live.

Lots of women travel alone, here exists no criminality, on the contrary, the friendly people are helpful and happy to see visitors from foreign countries, which are far, far away for them.

We have often thought how you could describe where we live. It is difficult and maybe reflected best by what a client said once: „At home in the real nature and humanity!”

From our farm we have endless opportunities to ride on riding trails through the Andes. Depending on your wishes and your riding skills, you can choose from 1-day- to 8-day-trips, to discover the beautiful natural Andes.
We offer these tours in cooperation with our friends at the Hacienda los Andes – most of the 8-day-trips are guided by Manuela or me!

We are convinced, that this region is a most suitable place for Natural Horsemanship training in Chile. Enjoy with us a “new experience of horseback riding tours”!

Corral los Andes is surrounded by the fascinating Andes and pure nature.
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Manuela Paradeiser (Austria) & Clark Stede (Germany)
Lodge Los Andes, Andean Valley Rio Hurtado, Chile
Email: info@naturalhorsemanshipchile.com