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Natural Horsemanship – a revolution in horse-handling techniques

It’s all about confidence and communication with horses. For 15 years we have practiced this beautiful level between human and horse.
.We have many years of experiences with horses and we know how to handle them and them gently – with the principal of „Natural Horsemanship“, which we practice with our Criollos.
Working at close hands with our horses, is normal for us. Everywhere and in all situations. We never use whips or spores in our trainings. We work on trust with our horses. When the animals need help in a situation, we give it with patience. The horse’s attitude is not against human-beings.
Confidence of the horse in the human and vice versa is our basis of living together with the horses.

Please read our Photostory

Manuela’s working philosophy and ground work with our 17 months old stallion DOMINGO. Working at close hands with our horses, we do not use force or any other common strong – arm tactics. In all situations we never use whips or spores. First come trust and love. Communication with the horses, our partners, is a primary step. Similar to humans, personal and body contact, a lot of caresses and strokes are important. It takes a lot of time to get the trust, but it is the most important part in establishing the relationship between horse and human. This little photo story tells about our stallion “DOMINGO”.

Domingo was born at our hacienda, the photo above shows him at about 4 weeks old. Today at 17 months, he spends his time wit his mother in the fields and still enjoys mother’s milk. Since birth he has followed us everywhere. When we saddle, ride trails, in the gardens, horse shoeing. All this has become normal and is part of the training. He does not have negative experiences with human contact. He enjoys massages, lifting legs, relaxing with his head down, and playing.

For me (Manuela), hundreds of riding tours through the Andes have improved my horsewomanship and brought me very close to them. Experience with us the wonderful harmony with horses on our TRAIL RIDING VACATIONS: The criollos horses are great partners.


Ride the Andes with quality horsemanship:

Everybody can learn this healthy relationship to horses, to communicate friendly with the horse – that’s no magic! For you personally we will design an individual program.
.“Corral los Andes” offers a riding-square, riding-trails and a round-pen for a close contact with the horses. Bonding with the horse, as close as possible, is the key to success. To allow proximity means for horses, who are actually by nature flight animals deepest confidence in the human-being. The fillies experience everything together with us, get to know the normal everyday-life, everything an adult-horse should know.

The name “Natural Horsemanship” implies no magic and the “key” of our “7 points- Give & Understand-Program” is really easily understood. You should not only understand these 7 steps as a visitor here with us, but it is as much important, that you learn with us how to educate the horse here and at home in a new, harmonic and sensitive way – without whips, spores and painful pressure. Our training-program is specialized on riding in the nature.

These 7 steps are natural, logical and easy to understand and learn for horse and man!

And one thing on top, as you say in Berlin: free, absolutely free of charge (no joke, as in advertisements, where you are supposed to buy something!), we offer you a free demonstration, because we absolutely convinced about it.
„Highlight for you and the horse“: to ride with bitless bridle, even without Hackermoore, no pressure-pain etc. – a new, gentle way to rein horses!

. Linda Tellington-Jones developed the TTouch method together with her sister Robin Hood. The Tellington TTouch is a specialized approach to the care and training of our animal companions.
This method based on cooperation and respect offers a positive approach to training, can improve performance and health and presents solutions to common behavioral and physical problems. We had the privilege to learn and work together with Robin Hood (right on the photo with Manuela) for eight days. We would love to share our experiences with you!
Check: www.ttouch.com and www.lindatellington-jones.com

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